All About The York Cycling Gardener


I’m  passionate about gardening, plants and flowers with a particular interest in wildlife friendly  suburban/urban horticulture. Back gardens can be havens for all sorts of interesting and essential creatures whose presence makes life a bit more fun and interesting.  Your garden is your sanctuary and it’s important that it becomes all that it can be.

My  aim is to provide a friendly, efficient and professional service tailored to your particular needs. No matter how big or small your plot I can provide support, working alongside you to help  your garden become all that you want it to be,  whatever your budget.

My aim is to make an old fashioned regular garden maintenance service as affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out my current availability for one off jobs or regular maintenance.

 Gardening by bike is a growing trend across the developed world as people rediscover just how practical pedal power can be. No noisy messy polluting engines  make The York Cycling Gardener an environmentally friendly option.  I prefer where possible to use clients tools, particularly the larger ones but most gardening tools can be carried by bike trailer if necessary. If you require lawn cutting it’s preferable for me to use your lawnmower.

Please Get In Touch to find out how to make contact and keep checking back for updates.

Thanks for reading,

The York Cycling Gardener



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