Regular Garden Maintenance


Thinking about your garden you might be wondering if this is the year to call in extra help. It might be that time pressures mean you don’t get the chance to work in it as much as you’d like. Work and family pressures,  ill health, increasing age or a desire to do other things with your spare time might be giving you a nudge to investigate if a regular gardener might be for you.

Cost concerns are often one reason why people decide not to call in a professional gardener. This is why I offer a monthly service for just £30 for two hours. In two hours I can weed, prune, take care of lawns and any planting that needs doing freeing the owner to do the garden jobs they really enjoy.

After the initial two hours at £30, my hourly rate is £10 per hour. A popular option with clients is £50 for four hours. This longer period in your garden gives me the chance to be more thorough and to make a real impact.

Others prefer a weekly or fortnightly visit for a couple of hours which due to its regularity costs only £25 per visit.

Regular garden visits are my preferred way of working. As any serious horticulturist will tell you, you only get to know the garden, its plants and the client’s requirements over time. Your gardener can advise on planting, design and how to get the best from your garden as they get to know what you want from it.

Many of my clients have themselves been keen amateur gardeners and have invested a great deal of time and emotion into their gardens but due to changing circumstances have been unable to maintain it as much as they would like. These are always wonderful gardens to work in and my emphasis is always on partnership with the client to bring out the best in the garden.

My regular gardens include large suburban gardens, wildlife gardens, city courtyards and every other type of garden in between. If you’ve an established garden or a brownfield plot you’d like to bring to life then I can help.

I prefer where possible to use clients tools, particularly the larger ones but most gardening tools can be carried by bike trailer if necessary. If you require lawn cutting it’s preferable for me to use your lawnmower.

If you’d like to find out more and to discuss your requirements please get in touch for a no-obligation chat and advice.